How To Use Facebook’s Lead Generation Ads

If you haven’t already read the beginner’s guide to Facebook Ads or our post on how to set up your Facebook Ads account, I’d suggest you start there.

If you know the basics, let’s dive into today’s topic: Facebook’s Lead Generation Ads.

When you go to create a campaign in Facebook, it’ll ask you for your Campaign’s “Objective”. For the purpose of this article, we’ll select “Lead Generation” as we go through this campaign creation flow.

What this means is that Facebook will allow you to use an “Instant Form”, which is a form that gets triggered while a person is still on Facebook. They click the Call to Action Button on your ad, and instead of getting sent to your website / landing page, you can design a form experience on Facebook.

If you’re looking to collect info from customers or just get an email address, lead ads are a great option.

People stay on Facebook which means higher conversion rates and Facebook also tends to reward you with lower CPL. In fact, if I’m trying to grow an email list from Facebook I always use lead gen ads because you end up getting a way lower CPL than if you sent traffic to a landing page.

How To Set Up Lead Generation Ads

Let’s go through this step by step. As mentioned in the intro, when you’re making your campaign make sure you select “Lead Generation” as your campaign objective.

Facebook Create Instant Form

There are two different options Facebook asks you to choose between:

1. Higher volume

2. Higher intent

Facebook Instant Form Types

The first option shows the person the form pre-populated, and it’s only a 1 click submission to submit their email address.

The second option adds an additional screen that asks the person to confirm their details, before submission. It’s an extra screen for them to read and an extra click.

The idea behind the second confirmation screen is to make sure that the leads are qualified – that they do in fact want to sign up for your email newsletter / list, or they do in fact want more information about the service you offer. It’s designed to avoid people clicking through by mistake and not realizing that they submitted their info. Then you end up with a low quality list and it either affects your email sending reputation, OR you waste your sales team’s time going through leads that aren’t interested.

Personally, I don’t like to use the “higher intent” / second screen option. Instead where you are prompted to enter text copy and also answer the question of what you’ll do with the person’s email address, I prefer to put everything upfront there so it’s super obvious what they are signing up for. Then you don’t need ANOTHER confirmation screen, because you’ve already been upfront with the person. Some examples:

  • We’ll send you an email every morning
  • We’ll send you an email with our latest articles 1x / month
  • A member of our team will be in contact to discuss you needs (service business)

If you have that clearly in the messaging, I don’t think you need to say it again and get them to confirm.

With that said, the other function of the confirmation screen is if Facebook prepopulates the person’s email / phone and it’s not the number or email they can be reached at. If you find that the lead quality of the first option “higher volume” isn’t good, then this is a variable you can switch to see if it changes things. It’s all about small tests to determine quality, and then deciding on a strategy from there.